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Kveik Farmhouse IPA (5.75% Alc./Vol.) - This farmhouse IPA begins with a burst of lemon and grapefruit freshness, followed by bold farmhouse funk and bright peach notes, brought forth by the Opshaug Kveik yeast strain from Stranda, Norway. The malt bill, featuring pilsner, wheat and rustic oats, were sourced exclusively from Viking Malt in Northern Europe. We aggressively hopped this IPA with Ekuanot & Palisade giving it a lingering bitter, herbaceous, dry finish.

Kegs Available: 2x 20L ($90)

473ml Cans Available: 53x Cases ($66)
Case/Flat = 24x 473ml cans

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Coffee & Raspberry Sour (4.4% Alc./Vol.) - We started by brewing a light golden sour, with soft honey and lemon notes, which we then layered 76kg of Raspberries on to during primary fermentation. We then conditioned the beer on cold steeped, locally roasted coffee from our friends at House of Funk. Giving this beer wonderful depth that changes with every drink. 

Kegs Available: 3x 30L ($130)



Australian Pale Ale (4.7% Alc./Vol.) - This light pale smells and tastes like a tropical vacation, thanks to the expressive aroma of Ella Hops. We used a traditional doughy malt bill, backed up by a special ordered Australian Yeast, giving this beer authentic underpinnings and modern flavours.

Kegs Available: 4x 30L ($130)



Oatmeal Stout (4.5% Alc./Vol.) - This classic oatmeal stout features aromas of roasted coffee, vanilla, and hazelnut. At only 4.5% the mouthfeel is rich and medium bodied. Let this beer ease your customers into cozy, cooler weather.

Kegs Available: 8x 20L ($90) • 3x 30L ($130)

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Hazy IPA (6.2% Alc./Vol.) - Caught between two rivers, we’re livin’ that industrial island life and so we made a beer, affectionately referred to as adult Five Alive, dedicated to this little piece of paradise we call home. For version two we kept the core of this beer the same, but increased the oats giving it a softer mouthfeel, and added Enigma hops to party alongside Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria. It’s more representative of us -- softer, better, danker, stronger.

Kegs Available: 2x 20L ($90) • 4x 30L ($130) • 2x 50L ($190)



Vienna Lager (5% Alc./Vol.) - 100% Nordic Vienna Malt, 100% Mt. Hood Hops create this simple, yet complex amber lager. Conditioned 6 weeks, this beer pours brilliantly clear and carries roasted, nutty, doughy flavours, with hues of noble spice. The beer finishes crisp with a clean bitterness.

Kegs Available: 1x 20L ($90) • 4x 30L ($130) • 1x 50L ($190)



BC India Session Ale - Bredenhof Hop Farms Collaboration (4.5% Alc./Vol.) - We worked with Bredenhof Hop Farms (Abbotsford) to craft a home grown session ale that reminds us of fresh snow on the North Shore & the natural beauty of this region. Using a blend of Cascades, Cashmere, and Centennial hops this beer features earthy, floral, herbal, and citrus aromas. We enhanced these flavours further, by lautering the beer through Apple Wood, which gives it a subtle, underlying woodsy flavour. Finally we dry hopped the beer with essential hop oils from Cascade hops.

Kegs Available: 4x 20L ($90) • 6x 30L ($130) • 1x 50L ($190)



Bavarian Hefeweizen (5.75% Alc./Vol.) - Classic Bavarian Hefeweizen, with big notes of candied banana and clove. This beer is highly crushable and pleases beer nerds and casual wheat fans alike. Tastes great in the sunshine or the rain.

473ml Cans Available: 18x Cases ($66)
Case/Flat = 24x 473ml cans

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DDH DIPA (8% Alc./Vol.) - Designed with balance in mind, this DDH DIPA harks back to IPAs which defined the West Coast as a beer destination years ago. We started by adding a modest amount of Cascade hops into the boil to give it classic grapefruit and pine notes, with clean bitterness. We then proceeded to dump in a bag of Mosaic and Ekuanot hops to bring forth bold flavours of citrus, and concentrated pineapple. Two different yeast strains went to work and did a superb job of rounding out that classic west coast IPA bitterness, while leaving hints of peach flavour.

Kegs Available: 3x 50L ($190)

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Belgian x French Saison (6% Alc./Vol.) - We took a blended yeast strain of both French and Belgian saisons to create this multilayered, crushable, summer ale. The nose is full of fruity pineapple esters, spring flowers, vanilla and a touch of rye spice. The flavour then bursts forth with vanilla, floral, herbal, and tropical notes - Thank You Loral & Sasquatch (BC Exclusive!) Hops. The beer is fantastically balanced with a smooth bitterness on the finish.

Kegs Available: 3x 50L ($190)



American Rye Ale (5% Alc./Vol. 23 IBU) - Brewed for endless summers. This crisp, clean ale smells like mashing in and is crafted from 100% PNW ingredients - We even met the farmers. The malt bill, made up of Skagit Valley Copeland Pilsner & Triticale (Rye/Wheat Hybrid), is earthy, biscuity, and finishes with spice. Locally grown (Topps Hops) Tahoma hops round out the beer with lemon citrus and woody undertones.

Kegs Available: 4x 20L ($90)



Belgian Tripel w/ BC Honey (8% Alc./Vol.) - This classically formed Belgian Tripel is delicate and clean, with subtle notes of clove, banana, black pepper and floral aromas. We broke traditional convention by introducing Elias Honey (made in BC) late into primary fermentation to draw forth honey aromas and add a touch of sweetness. Perfect for evenings by the fire, this ale gives a pleasant warming sensation. At 8% this beer can sneak up on you, please drink responsibly.

Kegs Available: 3x 50L ($190)